Sunday, November 12, 2006

time to move

yes - blogger has been so good to me - but now it is time to change. here is the new home: My Yearned-for Wholeness make the change : see ya on the other side!

deacons SHUT OUT seminoles

GO DEACS!! we are on a roll. we haven't won in tallahasee since like the 50's and last night we CRUSHED the noles, 30 - 0. that's what i'm talking about...oh yeah - did UT win last night...NO! ha! thats what they get for not showing the wake game.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

so lame!

so because i live in texas and UT is playing at the same time as Wake i dont get to watch my boys play. so lame. UT sucks...

blogger vs wordpress

so i am in the process of trying to decide to switch to wordpress or stay with blogger. anyone have any thoughts? pro's / con's ?

my wife is amazing!

yep - this morning i was awakened to breakfast in bed! yum!! i was out late at my bass players bachelor party where we played poker til like 2am. the good news is i won 50 bucks! so needless to say i was tired this morning. and to have the first thing when i wake to be my wonderful wife bringing me coffee and waffles with peanut butter and chocolate chips. yes it was amazing. and she is amazing. here's to a great saturday!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

isn't she beautiful?

thanks to marlow for the heads up on this: rob bell is doing a 2 day seminar for pastors. oh yeah. i'm there...anyone else going? michigan is january - YES! here is the info: isn't she beautiful?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

denison witmer

so if you are a denison fan or if you have never heard him - you gotta go here: Happy Birthday Denison Witmer 33 songs. free. download the tunes. donate some cash to charity (if you desire). happy b day denison!!!

a new member to the blog family

yes - your favorite little brother and mine - TIMMY is bloggin at: When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out. read with caution because he 'does what he wants'. glad to see you are bloggin bro...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

8 - 1

yep! my boys pulled it out and it is the first time we have been 8 - 1 since 1944. GO DEACS! the only bad thing is the upcoming schedule...hopefully they can keep the streak going! much love to gore for the football. GO DEACS!

a great finish to the bday extravaganza

yes - my boys WAKE FOREST DEMON DEACONS on national tv tonight - GO DEACS!!! 8 and 1 - here we come!!

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

Friday, November 03, 2006

birthday surprises!

so amanda planned a wonderful evening for me!! i am so blessed and so loved by the best person in the world! i had no idea what we were going to do this evening - but it has been incredible!! we ate dinner at this restuarant called bistro moderne and it was so great!! the funny thing is i ordered some wine that costs A LOT of money....oh well - its a birthday, right? after dinner the next surprise was that she got us a sweet room at Hotel Derek. so we headed up then and when we got here she had decorated the room in a football theme dedicated to the one and only TAMPA BAY BUCS! whoo hooo!! also, she got a pumpkin cheesecake and put together an amazing book for me of tons of friends letters to me. thanks to all for your words - they mean much more than you will ever know. thanks amanda for doing all this hard work and getting people to write to me. and to top it all off - tomorrow we have room service breakfast and 60 min massages in the massage suite! oh man. what an amazing bday. ok - time for the courvoisier...good night...

our house

yes the rumors are true - for the full update here: our story begins...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

time to change

yes - we got a new look here at the story i find myself in. also - we are buying a house! more to come later...

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